In a wrongful death lawsuit, the estate of a 21-year-old deceased man sued the distracted driver that had caused the man’s death.  Through negotiations with the defendant’s auto insurer, the carrier agreed to a $1,250,000 settlement to resolve the case before trial.

The young man had been walking in the marked shoulder of a roadway at night and was killed when hit from behind by an SUV driven by a distracted driver who was glancing at his mobile device. The defendant pled guilty to two motor vehicle violations, including failure to stay in his lane.

The defendant’s insurance company made several attempts to mitigate the defendant’s responsibility for the accident as well as exclude coverage, all of which failed. The insurance company argued that the value of the plaintiff and victim’s life was worth less than the full $1,250,000 coverage on the policy.

Because the damages for the wrongful death of a 21-year-old, where liability is conclusively established, well exceeds the full $1,250,000 policy limits, the carrier agreed to pay the $1,250,000 to resolve the case.

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