$3.77 Million Settlement Awarded to Widow Who Lost Husband in Car Accident

A Wilton, Connecticut jury awarded $3.77 million to Janet Fleming, whose husband died in a 2009 auto accident. The driver of the other car, Gregory Dionisio, was intoxicated at the time. This jury settlement closes the wrongful death lawsuit stemming from the 2009 car crash.

Accident Details

The accident occurred early in the morning of July 5, 2009. Dionisio was traveling north on Ridgefield Road in Wilton when he veered into the southbound lane. His car crashed into Fleming’s husband’s motorcycle. Both drivers were taken to the hospital, and Fleming’s husband died of injuries sustained in the crash.

Dionisio turned himself into the police the following month on charges of second-degree manslaughter and driving while intoxicated. He was found to have been driving with a BAC of .09 percent, which is .01 percent over the legal limit. Additionally, Dionisio’s body tested positive for marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, and painkillers, according to Wilton police.

While at the hospital, Dionisio attempted to drink the urine from his bedpan because he was worried that authorities would test his urine. A nurse witnessed this and sent the urine sample to the hospital’s lab, which proved to be the evidence needed to convict him for the DUI charge.

The Settlement

The settlement consists of the $3.77 million to be paid by Dionisio. In a statement to the court, Mrs. Fleming said that her husband was “needlessly killed” by a driver who was intoxicated on various mind-altering substances and that she misses him terribly.

For his part, Dionisio made a statement that he is deeply sorry for the “thoughtless and stupid mistake” he made. He expressed his sadness for the victim’s family and friends, saying that while he doesn’t expect forgiveness, he hopes that they will one day be able to do so.

Dionisio is currently serving five years in prison on DUI and manslaughter charges related to the incident

By: Martin, settlementboard.com

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