Our Firm & Our Commitment

Maya Murphy has offices located in New York, NY, and Westport, CT. Most of our attorneys are licensed to practice in multiple states, including New York, Connecticut, and California. All of our attorneys have experience at both the state and federal levels. Today, our firm can look with pride at the roster of clients ranging from individuals, entrepreneurs, and families, to privately-owned businesses, major financial institutions, and multinational corporations. Whether it is a high-stakes divorce, an employment dispute, or a family estate plan, the attorneys at Maya Murphy are here to serve your needs.

We also offer divorce mediation and family law mediation services for couples and families. With the experience, guidance, and assistance of an impartial third party divorce mediator you will communicate and work out an agreement in a safe and compassionate environment, often reducing the time and cost of a fully litigated case.

Here at Maya Murphy, we strive to provide large firm service, experience, and ability, but with small firm communication, attention, and accountability. Our attorneys will not accept a matter unless they are certain that we, as a firm, can service it efficiently and effectively. Every client is important at Maya Murphy and is treated accordingly. This means zealous representation, consistent communication, and fair billing.

Committed – Responsive

Our team of attorneys are
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Large Firm Experience,
Small Firm Client Attention

When we meet potential clients for the first time, potential conflicts of interest are promptly disclosed and frankly discussed by our attorneys. Matters are staffed at levels consistent with our goals of quality and economy. We do not assign two lawyers to do the job, and we do not generate unnecessary paperwork. A partner is assigned to supervise each client’s file and is available to confer with that client at any time regarding its handling. Our partners each supervise a set of attorneys and cases to ensure the best outcome for every client.

Most of our engagements are preceded by an attorney conference at which the client’s needs are carefully identified. Realistic goals and fees for our representation are discussed and determined. The nature of our undertaking is outlined in a retainer agreement, which contains an explanation of your lawyer’s billing rates and charges. The partner assigned to the file will ensure that the client’s matter is promptly handled, appropriately staffed, and fairly billed. If you ever have a question or a concern about your case or billing procedures, our partners and attorneys are always on call.

Our attorneys make every effort to keep our clients informed as to the status of their cases and to return phone calls and emails promptly. Clients are encouraged to maintain close contact with their attorneys through a candid and constructive interchange of ideas and information. We also believe that intelligent use of technology allows us to provide better service and significantly reduce our clients’ legal expenses. Not only does efficient use of technology lower our clients’ bills, but it also allows our attorneys to be available when you need them most.

Joint Legal Team of Lawyers

Our Legal Experience

Our lawyers work primarily in New York, NY, and Westport, CT. Still, they have litigated in federal and state courts and all arbitration tribunals and before various administrative, regulatory, and self-regulatory bodies throughout the United States. At Maya Murphy, we practice in many areas of the law, including criminal defense, personal injury, matrimonial and family law, education law, estate planning and probate, employment and labor law, business law, personal injury, civil litigation, divorce mediation and family law mediation.

We recognize that a law firm is only as strong as each of its parts. Since the most valuable asset of Maya Law is its skilled, hard-working attorneys, we invite you to meet with us. Please contact either our New York, NY, or Westport, CT office for an appointment. On most occasions, we offer free initial consultations to learn more about your case and so you can decide if our firm is the right fit for your needs. If you have any criminal defense, personal injury, matrimonial and family law, education law, estate planning and probate, employment and labor law, business law, personal injury, civil litigation, divorce mediation and family law mediation matters, contact us today at our Connecticut office at 203-221-3100 or our New York City offices at 212-682-5700.