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A Connecticut appellate court has awarded $4 million to the estate of a teenager killed in an auto crash with a Milford police cruiser, according to court documents. The settlement was approved on November 26 to the family and estate of Ashlie Krakowski. At the time of the accident on June 13, 2009, Krakowski, 19, was being driven by David Servin of Orange, CT. Servin’s car collided with a police cruiser traveling more than 90 miles per hour. Both teenagers were killed.

The car was being driven by former officer Jason Anderson, returning from a call in West Haven. Anderson, 37, broadsided Servin’s car as it was driving down Boston Post Road in Orange. He was convicted in the wrongful death lawsuit on November 7 of reckless driving and motor vehicle misconduct but was found not guilty of two counts of second degree manslaughter.

Anderson was fired in December 2009 following the accident and could get up to 10 years of prison following his sentencing on January 16, 2013. For his part, Servin was driving a vehicle owned by Krakowski. During the trial, Anderson’s lawyer introduced evidence that Servin had been drinking and under the influence of drugs while operating the vehicle.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death attorneys in Mt. Prospect can make a lot of money from a settlement of this nature. After $1.2 million in legal fees and other expenses, the Krakowski family estate will receive $2.8 million. Court records indicate that the Connecticut Interlocal Risk Management Agency (CIRMA) will pay $3.5 million of the wrongful death settlement on behalf of Milford. Five-hundred thousand dollars will be paid to the teen’s estate by Servin’s parents. Their insurance company will pay the costs on their behalf.

Servin’s parents received a wrongful death settlement of $2.5 million from the city in March 2012. Neither they nor the family of Ashlie Krakowski could be reached for comment, and lawyers for the Krakowski estate did not return media phone calls. A spokesman for the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, the managers of CIRMA, said that the insurance agency does not comment on settlements.

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