Asset Protection Attorneys Serving New York and Connecticut

You have worked hard to accumulate your assets, whether they are comprised of a personal business, real estate you carefully selected, or investments you have made over the years. In any case, those assets are worth protecting. With help from the estate planning and probate attorneys at Maya Murphy, you can take the steps necessary to protect those assets from future creditors and excessive taxation.

Planning Ahead to Protect Assets in New York and Connecticut

The time to start thinking about asset protection is not when you are being sued or when a creditor is aggressively pursuing you. Rather, the best time to begin working to protect your assets is when you acquire them so you can have the appropriate policies in effect, documents drafted, and/or trusts created before a problem arises. Some common situations where it is helpful to start thinking from an asset protection perspective include:

  • Working in a high risk of liability career;
  • Creating trusts;
  • Incorporating a business;
  • Looking into a homestead exemption;
  • Planning for retirement; and
  • Determining appropriate insurance for a home or business.

If asset protection steps are incorporated into any of these events, future attacks on one’s assets can be greatly minimized, if not avoided entirely.

Knowledgeable Asset Protection Attorneys

When you have decided that it is time to take steps to keep your assets away from potential creditors, you can look to the lawyers in the estate planning and Probate Law Group at Maya Murphy for the guidance and knowledge you need. Our team has helped individuals utilize estate planning and asset transfer techniques to protect their property for many years. We will help you explore all of the options available to you and ensure that you understand the potential impact of each of these asset protection techniques. From choosing the best insurance policy to creating an asset protection trust, we will guide you every step of the way.

Contact an Experienced Asset Protection Attorney

Our attorneys have years of experience representing asset protection clients of all sizes in the states of New York and Connecticut. With offices located in New York City and Westport, we strive to provide large firm service while maintaining the small firm attention and accountability you deserve.  Contact us today for assistance with your asset protection questions. Call 212-682-5700 for our New York offices or 203-221-3100 for our Connecticut office.