Meet The Team

Our Legal Professionals

Attorney and Managing Partner Joseph C. Maya has over two decades of experience in employment law. Attorney Maya started practicing in New York and handled employment contracts and severance packages for many of America’s largest banks. His years of experience in employment law are unparalleled by anyone in the Westport area. If you have an employment law issue, Attorney Maya can assist you efficiently and effectively.

Attorney and Partner Susan M. Maya can use the skills that got her named a Super Lawyer to plan out your estate. Attorney Maya knows that clients want peace of mind for the future and that clients want to know their family is properly cared for. Let Attorney Maya plan your estate for the best tax treatment and most beneficial outcome for your heirs.

Attorney and Partner H. Daniel Murphy knows that divorce is difficult. Divorce is difficult both legally and on a family level for many reasons. He strives to make divorce a little easier through efficiency, excellent communication, and zealous representation. Attorney Murphy understands that divorce is about more than just one person. It involves a family. Attorney Murphy will work to get the best divorce settlement possible and to resolve your divorce in the shortest amount of time so you can get on with your life. Attorney Murphy has the divorce experience, know-how, and skills to resolve your divorce. All you need to do is call.

Attorney William B. Westcott handles the bulk of serious criminal law issues for Maya Murphy, P.C. Mr. Westcott has argued before the Supreme Court of Connecticut, the Federal District Courts of Connecticut, and many other tribunals. His in-court experience makes him an extremely effective criminal trial lawyer in all criminal law issues. This experience has given him the knowledge and the hands-on know-how of how to navigate even the most delicate of criminal law issues. If you could end up in court and you want to experience on your side, Attorney Westcott is Maya Murphy, P.C.’s go-to for criminal law.

Attorney Lauren Jacobson is an attorney with Maya Murphy and is admitted to practice in the Connecticut and New York state courts and the United States District Court for the District of Connecticut. Attorney Jacobson's primary areas of practice are employment education and criminal law. She works directly with clients and is personally involved in representation from client intake through trial.

Attorney Ruth Israely is an attorney admitted to practice before the bars of California and Connecticut, as well as in federal court, and is a member of the Connecticut Bar association.  Ruth's experience in a range of forums, from administrative law matters to business disputes, equips her for battle in a wide variety of engagements.  From traditional motion practice to e-discovery disputes, Ruth stays on the cutting edge of litigation and can make sense of it all for clients in easily digestible terms.

Office Staff: Our support staff includes Office Manager Joanne Desabia.

Attorney Tyler Balding is an attorney with Maya Murphy and is admitted to practice in both New York and Connecticut State Courts. He is a graduate of George Mason’s Antonin Scalia Law School, where he initially focused on international commercial transactions. Tyler’s litigation experience has covered diverse matters in civil, criminal, family, juvenile, and administrative courts. He has a client-first approach and the determination to see an issue through all stages of negotiation, litigation, and resolution.