Generally, employment at a restaurant is considered “at-will.”  At-will employment means that the employee can be fired at any time and for any reason, due to the lack of a formal employment agreement.  This is sometimes beneficial for an employee because they may choose to quit their job at any time and for any reason, and are free from any legal repercussions.  This also means that an employer can terminate employment for any reason (or no reason at all) free from any legal repercussions.

If an employee was hired for a position, and then terminated after working only 40 hours, the employer may simply have decided that they no longer need the employee.  In this situation, the employer does not need a reason for terminating an at-will employment.  Although an employee may be terminated at any time, the employee is still entitled to payment for the hours worked.  The Connecticut Department of Labor may provide assistance for retrieving any due payment.  An employment attorney may also provide assistance, and guide an employee through the process.

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