In Connecticut, before a judge decides whether to award alimony, he must first take into account the length of the marriage, the cause for the divorce or legal separation, the respective ages of the parties involved, the health of the parties, the parties station in life, the parties occupations, the amount and sources of income of the parties, the parties employability, the estate needs of the parties, and the property distribution as a result of the divorce.

If alimony is to be awarded in Connecticut, a judge will consider the totality of the facts and circumstances of the parties to the action.  If alimony is awarded, it can be in the form of periodic alimony, lump sum alimony, or one dollar per year alimony.  It is important to note, if alimony is not awarded at the time of dissolution, it may never be awarded.  This is why judges sometimes award one dollar per year alimony. By awarding a nominal amount, one dollar, the judge reserves the right to modify the alimony should the circumstances of the parties change.

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