You have taken the difficult step of recognizing that a marriage will no longer work – or perhaps you have been served with divorce papers by your spouse.  A world of uncertainty awaits, with questions like:

“What will I do now?”

“Do I need a lawyer?”

“Can we both afford lawyers?”

“How ugly will this get?”

“What will happen with the children?”

“What if I want to retire?”

“How long will this take?”

“What will I have to pay?” or “What will I receive?”

“Will I have to testify in court?”

Or perhaps…

“Is there another way?”

There IS another way.  As an alternative to the traditional divorce model – with dueling attorneys, depositions, motions, court appearances, and skyrocketing costs – many individuals are now turning to private mediation as a means to obtain a divorce judgment.  Mediation is an informal process in which a neutral third party – sometimes a lawyer, sometimes a therapist or counselor – acts as a sounding board and helps the parties identify and resolve their disputes.

Mediating a Divorce 

Mediation can often be effective, although in many instances one party or the other might feel as though he or she has “won” or “lost” the mediation, gaining some perceived empathy from the mediator because of some similarity or identification with that person.  In those cases, the parties’ mutual selection of a mediator may have served to alienate one party or another, with feelings that he or she has selected the “wrong” person to resolve the dispute.  For this reason, the parties should meet with the proposed mediator together, to gain a comfort level with the mediator at the same time, and to familiarize themselves with the mediator’s style, approach, and objectives.


To address this issue, unlike many law firms who may offer mediation services, our office provides our clients with an option to co-mediate their family law dispute.  Co-mediation pairs two professionals as independently functioning neutrals to lend greater balance, identification, and equity to the mediation process.  At Maya Murphy, we offer divorcing couples the option to merge the experience of a family law attorney and aggressive courtroom advocate with the expertise of a licensed, clinical psychologist.  With one stop at our Westport office, divorcing couples can work with our co-mediation professional team.

From the legal angle, we will identify and narrow the issues in dispute, guiding you through the court system and assisting the parties with the preparation of legally enforceable agreements on property division, child support, alimony, custody, post-secondary educational support, and all related issues.  From the therapeutic and clinical perspective within that co-mediation process, we simultaneously offer the skill set of a clinical psychologist with specialization in stressors within the home, at-risk children and associated custody issues, substance abuse and anger management issues, and a keen acumen towards resolving conflict.

All of the above are provided to our co-mediation clients a fraction of the costs incurred every day by parties in conventional divorce litigation.  Our co-mediation professionals will work seamlessly and tirelessly to resolve your family law disputes – efficiently, effectively, and painlessly.

by H. Daniel Murphy, Esq.

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