Estate Planning & Probate Law

It is never too early to make a plan for your estate. Whether you have numerous assets to consider or live paycheck to paycheck, the wishes you make clear through estate planning in New York or Connecticut are vital for your peace of mind. They also play a huge role in helping loved ones through trying times and avoiding acrimony in times when solace is needed.

At Maya Murphy, we understand the stakes. From business ownership and property to personal requests, you deserve to know that everything is settled — even if you’ll be around for a long time. Even so, the legal process of laying out your estate plans can feel like a big hurdle to overcome. Our help simplifies the situation and ensures that you can make the right choices based on your desires.

Estate Planning And Probate Attorneys For New York And Connecticut

There is no better time than now to start thinking about estate planning. Whether you have a large, complex estate or a simple one, there are many reasons why it is a good idea to seek estate planning guidance from the attorneys at Maya Murphy. With a comprehensive estate plan and the appropriate proxies, trusts, and other documents, you may be able to spare your family a great deal of time, money, and frustration at an already difficult time.

Estate Planning

Understanding The Probate Process

In most cases, probate courts handle the division of assets when an individual passes away. Often, the proceedings are civil and streamlined, but they can also become fraught with tension without a clear plan from the person in question. A probate lawyer can represent you in potential disputes, or help you avoid them altogether.

Each client’s needs are different, so our team always takes a personalized approach to each case. Whether you are concerned about tax liability or want to bypass the court altogether to save time and money for loved ones, we are here to help. In unfortunate conflicts during the probate process, we ardently work toward the right resolution for you. No matter where you stand today, turn to us to handle tomorrow’s concerns, including:

  • Asset Protection
  • Gift Planning
  • Elder Law
  • Will and Trusts
  • Living Wills
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Healthcare Proxies
  • Estate Administration
  • Beneficiary Rights and Will Contests

Contact An Experienced Estate Planning Law Firm

At Maya Murphy, our lawyers have extensive experience in elder law, estate planning and probate proceedings. Whatever your specific estate planning needs may be, we can provide personalized and cost-efficient options to meet them.

If you need estate planning assistance in New York or Connecticut, call us today. When you hire a lawyer at Maya Murphy, you will receive the personal attention you deserve as well as the experience and knowledge you need. Contact us at 212-682-5700 for our New York locations or 203-221-3100 for our Connecticut office.