To receive monetary child support you must have a court order.  This court order establishes the need for monetary support as well as for health insurance and child care.  A court must approve all agreements for child support, even those that are voluntarily entered into by a non-custodial parent.  Support orders are calculated by the courts by using mandatory guidelines to ensure fair and consistent child support orders.  These guidelines are state regulations which consider the combined income of the mother and father and the number of children to set a reasonable child support amount.  The child support amount is subject to change, as it is based on income and the circumstances of each parent.

If you need to obtain a court order for child support, it would be in your best interest to consult with an experienced family law attorney to represent your case in court.  You may also apply for child support services that are offered by the state.  An experienced attorney will educate you on all of your options in this situation.

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