If you are seeking to move into your boyfriend’s home without your parent’s approval in Connecticut, you may choose to seek emancipation from them.  This is a very big step to take and may have more consequences than you might previously have considered.  I agree with my colleagues, that the best step to take would be to seek counseling from an uninvolved third party.  Doing so will help you ensure that whatever choice you make is in your own best interest and in the best interest of your child, and not just a decision based on your present emotions.

If you are in an abusive household with your parents, then emancipation may be the best choice.  However, once you are 18 you may make these decisions freely without the input of your parents.  It may be best, if you are not in any imminent danger, to take the time to weigh your options and figure out what would be best for your child.

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