In Recent Divorce Action, Court Awards Wife 30% of Husband’s Income Over $85,000

In a recent divorce action, the Superior Court of Waterbury rendered a decision awarding a wife $250.00 per week in alimony, plus thirty percent of the husband’s income over $85,000.00.  The parties were married in 2004, and were the parents of two minor children. At the time of trial the wife was forty-one years of age, was in generally good health, and possessed both a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. During the marriage she had been employed as an administrator, and was currently earning just under $50,000.00 per year based on a thirty-two hour work week.

The Husband was forty-three years of age, was in generally good health, and possessed a bachelor’s degree. He had been employed as an administrator for a relocation company for several years. Although his annual salary was $85,000.00 per year, at various times he also received a bonus.

With respect the cause of the breakdown of the marriage, the wife claimed that the parties disagreed about household responsibilities and child care, that the husband was not responsive to her needs, and that she was unappreciated.  The wife also testified that she was devastated upon learning of the husband’s affair.  The husband, on the other hand, claimed that parties lacked communication for at least two years, that he was not appreciated for his contributions, and that the wife was overly tied to her family. The court found the wife’s claims to be more credible, although it appears it ultimately did not assign fault to either party.

In its written memorandum of decision, the court ordered the husband to pay the wife child support in the amount of $260.00 per week, as well as periodic alimony of $250.00 per week for a period of five years.  As additional periodic alimony, the court ordered the husband to pay the wife 30% of any gross earned income received in excess of $85,000.00 per year.

By: Michael D. DeMeola, Esq.

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