Midtown Hotel Bosses Involved in Sexual Harassment Case

Two immigrant housekeepers at a midtown hotel endured months of crude sexual harassment from male supervisors, and were fired for complaining about the mistreatment, state investigators charged. One of their bosses allegedly told them to bow their heads when addressing him.

The State Division of Human Rights said its probe found probable cause to believe the harassment complaints filed by the women against Club Quarters Hotel and four of the inn’s management employees.

The housekeepers, Marina Abdullajeva and Kathy Salgado, both of Brooklyn, said their bosses propositioned them, made lewd comments, groped their breasts and other parts of their bodies, and pressured them for dates.

“It was almost like slavery,” said their lawyer Joseph Maya. “They either had to perform sexual favors and sleep with them, or they’d lose their jobs.” Maya said Abdullajeva, 30, who is from Latvia, and Salgado, 31, an Ecuadorean, refused to comply with the demands. They were fired in February after working for the hotel for a little more than a year. Maya said each woman is seeking $2 million in compensation and punitive damages.

The hotel’s attorney, Jon Horowitz, denied the charges. He said the hotel, located at 40 West 45th Street, has a policy barring sexual harassment that it strictly enforces. The women, he said, were fired for cause.

The women said they were instructed by Hassan Kaseb, to bow their heads because he “comes from Iran, and this is the way they treat women in Iran.”

Others accused of harassment were hotel manager Frank Nicholas, engineering manager Talat Pervez, and supervisor Elliot Manning.

Daily News Staff Writer