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Representing Your Best Interests in Personal Injury Cases

Landowners, including business owners and municipal and state governments, have a legal obligation to ensure that their property does not present an undue risk of harm to the physical well-being of the individuals on it. In short, landowners must keep their property reasonably safe and in reasonable repair at all times. The negligence of a property owner or maintenance company may cause someone to slip and fall, or be injured by a defective piece of equipment.

Slip and fall accidents are the most frequent types of premises liability cases and can result in serious injury or even death. The most common conditions of premises liability cases involve loose carpeting, tripping hazards, injuries from falling merchandise, ice and snow cases, and unmarked wet floors.

If you are injured due to any hazardous condition on private or public property, you may have a premises liability claim for damages as a result. Before moving forward, you will need an experienced premises liability attorney to fight for your interests and resolve the matter quickly, if possible.

The Right Attorney Makes All the Difference

Premises liability cases can be quite complicated, and involve a detailed analysis of the specific facts of each case. Often, premises liability cases turn on seemingly “small” facts such as the length of time a spill was on the floor if someone alerted the landowner to the spill they just created, or even simply the location of the spill. Claims need to be investigated and worked up properly very early on to increase the odds of making a legitimate, compensable legal recovery against the negligent parties. The insurance companies prey upon a lack of early preparation in the hopes of settling legitimate claims cheaply. Such facts are easily overlooked by an inexperienced attorney who is not well versed in premises liability cases.

Maya Murphy Wins Again!

On July 1, 2015, the Bridgeport Superior Court issued a decision denying the City of Norwalk, Norwalk Parking Authority, and LAZ Parking, Ltd, LLC’s motion for summary judgment to dismiss our client’s personal injury complaint. Click the link above for the trial court’s decision.

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