In an auto injury case decided on March 21, 2013, the jury awarded plaintiff Beth Mason $22,143.18 stemming from an automobile accident with defendant Douglas Robinson.[1]

On June 20, 2010, Ms. Mason was traveling east in the left lane of Farmington Avenue at the intersection of Town Farm Road in Farmington. The defendant, Douglas Robinson, who had been driving directly behind Ms. Mason, collided with her car rear-ending her.  As a result of the accident Ms. Mason suffered a concussion and received medical treatment for persistent headaches.

After a two day trial, the jury awarded Mason $12,143 in economic damages and $10,000 in noneconomic damages.

Economic vs. Noneconomic Damages

Under Connecticut law, ‘Economic Damages’ means “compensation determined by the trier of fact for pecuniary losses including, but not limited to, the cost of reasonable and necessary medical care, rehabilitative services, custodial care and loss of earnings or earning capacity excluding any noneconomic damages.”

‘Noneconomic Damages’ means “compensation determined by the trier of fact for all non-pecuniary losses including, but not limited to, physical pain and suffering and mental and emotional suffering …”[2]

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[1] Mason v. Robinson, HHDCV116018804, 2013 WL 2278984 (Conn. Super. Ct. May 2, 2013)

[2] General Statute § 52-572h(a)