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Does Connecticut Have ‘Fault’ or ‘No Fault’ Divorce?

Connecticut has both fault and no fault divorces.  Most divorces in Connecticut are no fault, meaning that the complaint has to allege simply that the marriage has “irretrievably” broken down and that there is no hope of reconciliation.  A party filing for divorce may choose to allege fault in the complaint initiating the divorce action, but that party will then be required to prove that his or her spouse is at fault for the marriage ending, which is why most litigants choose file a no fault complaint.

The grounds for fault include:  (1) adultery; (2) fraudulent contract; (3) willful desertion for at least one year; (4) habitual intemperance; (5) intolerable cruelty; (6) imprisonment for certain crimes; and (7) confinement to a mental hospital for five of the six years preceding the divorce.

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