We Take Pride in Our Client’s Satisfaction

Here’s what our clients are saying:

“So very grateful for Maya Murphy. Not only did their lawyers quickly respond to my inquiry, but they informed me of many options I was not aware of regarding my concern and questions on educational law. I found them to be open, attentive, interested, caring, transparent, and extremely knowledgeable. My husband is a lawyer, but does not practice education law. We were very fortunate to connect with Maya Murphy, the authorities in this area, who go the extra distance to be helpful and thorough. They’re the law firm to turn to if you want a dedicated team supporting you! Much appreciation”

Patty L.

“Maya Murphy did a nice job with my son’s car accident. They guided us through the whole process, were very professional, and also had a nice personal touch. Thanks for a job well done!…”

Joe A.

“I NEVER IMAGINED that I would need a lawyer to fight my employer”


“Professionalism, honesty, integrity and fair-dealing. These are words that come to mind to describe Susan Wakefield and the Maya Murphy firm. Susan has assisted me on several occasions over the years and her counsel has always been wise and her execution effective. She is a consummate professional with unsurpassed mediation skills and a detailed understanding of Connecticut family law. I simply cannot recommend Susan and the firm more highly. Your trust in her and Maya Murphy will not be misplaced.”

Peter B.

“I came to Maya Murphy in distress and left relieved…”


“Dan and Ruth have been incredible. They are always responsive, considerate and professional. The divorce process has been the scariest thing I have ever faced in my life. I truly would not have been able to handle this without their guidance and representation. I am beyond grateful for their patience and understanding.”


“The team at Maya Murphy PC are excellent. They are client driven and work diligently and effectively to meet their client’s goals. They are responsive to their clients needs and requests.”

Lily B.

“I consulted with Lauren Jacobson to receive professional guidance on Connecticut Probate Court and whether or not the estate I was Executor for needed to go through probate. Lauren responded quickly to my email inquiry, addressed all of my questions, was courteous and professional in sharing her expertise in the area of estate settlement, the deceased’s assets, and the tasks the Executor is responsible for.”

Kathy H.

“My experience with Maya Murphy, P.C. was exceptional! Lauren Jacobson is my attorney, her review of my agreement was responsive (near real-time), thoughtful, and professional. I am in a much better situation because of the legal advice I received. I strongly recommend this firm.”

Daniel J.

Practical and empathetic


“Attorney Wakefield has handled several matters for me and I have always been extremely happy with her services. She listens and takes into account a client’s constraints around time and money, gives no-nonsense advice and gets the job done with a minimum of fuss. She does all this while maintaining empathy in what can be a challenging situation. I would recommend her without reservation to anybody looking for representation.”

Cynthia D.

“Strongly recommend working with Maya Murphy for legal needs. Attorney Tyler Balding went above and beyond to ensure that I was happy with the outcome, and he ran circles around opposing counsel because of his thorough understanding of CT and NY family law. Will definitely retain their services for any legal needs I have in the future.”

Dory L.

“I connected with Susan Wakefield through her website. What I read on her website described the person and process (she would help as needed) I was looking for. The first time my then husband and I met Susan, we both agreed that she was right for us. Throughout the mediation process, she was professional, forthright, responsive and patient (I ask a lot of questions, and work at my own pace). As a Mediator/Attorney, Susan was a perfect combination for us. With her help and guidance our process went fairly smoothly. I would recommend Susan wholeheartedly for divorce mediations.”


“Tyler Balding, Esq. is an exceptional legal professional. He is known for his thoughtful approach to advising clients and his unwavering commitment to serving the greater good of the community. When we needed his assistance, he was quick to respond and demonstrated a great deal of care and compassion in handling our case. Throughout the process, his professionalism was evident, and we are extremely grateful for the favorable outcome he helped us achieve. We highly recommend Tyler Balding for his exceptional effectiveness as an attorney”

Samantha D.

“I was put in touch with Lauren Jacobson regarding an employment issue, and she wasted no time in getting back to me and setting up an appointment. My questions — even the naive ones — were answered earnestly and immediately, and I also learned of a couple of nuances that hadn’t occurred to me before. I left our session with a considerably higher level of optimism, and I’m happy to say that this optimism proved justified as the underlying issue played out. Well done all around.”

Derrick N.

“We had the privilege of working with Ruth Israely on a special education services dispute with our school district, and she was an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish. Ruth was the perfect blend of extremely smart and knowledgeable, but down to earth and a great listener and communicator. She listened, empathized, and synthesized our story with relevant case law, and partnered with us to create a concrete plan of action on how to get the best possible outcome for our son. She executed on the plant brilliantly, and we had a positive result, while still preserving our good relationship with our school district. It was such a pleasure working with Ruth and we would recommend her services without reservation.”

Adam O.

“My attorney Dan Murphy guided me through my divorce which was a very long process. Dan is very knowledgeable in divorces an family court matters. He is extremely understanding and will fight for your rights no matter how long your case takes. I would strongly recommend Maya Murphy, P.C. as your attorneys in family court matters.”

Jose R.

“Tyler Balding is an exceptional lawyer – thoughtful, passionate and insightful. He handled our case with professionalism, understanding and compassion and guided us through the legal process smoothly. We are thankful for his legal advice and very grateful to have had the chance to work with him, despite the unpleasant circumstances we were dealing with. We highly recommend him as he is a great lawyer, and a wonderful human being.”

Nikoletta M.

“This law firm is committed to making its clients feel like they are the priority. Attorney, Lauren Jacobson was responsive and supportive during a critical time.”

Shamain J.

“The legal consultations I had with Esq. Ruth Israely was unforgettable. My daughter graduated from high school this past weekend when the odds seemed to be against her. I was fortunate to find Ruth to navigate a meaningful path for educational success for my daughter. I am grateful for all the valuable input received. As a result, my daughter will further her studies in Creative Writing in the fall at a two-year SUNY school. Thank you!”

Nakiba T.

“Lauren is the best education attorney I have ever worked with. She is very knowledgeable and professional. From our first meeting, she explained everything to me and was always very responsive when I had questions.”

Yue T.

“After being highly unsatisfied with my current lawyer, I decided to look elsewhere. Upon doing a good amount of research, I came across Maya Murphy’s firm. From the very first consultation I knew they were the ones. I was represented by Lauren Jacobson and she is a rock star. I can’t thank her and her firm enough for getting me through my criminal matter.

She is very knowledgeable, kind, and always treated me and my situation like it was her number one priority. She was quick to respond to all my questions and emails and most importantly she was very transparent. Never told me anything that wasn’t true.

In my opinion, Lauren and her firm are worth every penny and I HIGHLY recommend you give them a call. You’ll very quickly see that they are the best. Maya Murphy’s firm isn’t good quality, it’s great quality!”

Steve L.

“I spoke with Ruth, who was beyond helpful with the legal issues I’m facing. This is one of the few law firms I have encountered that offer a free consultation. Ruth was beyond professional and was so empathetic of my situation. I truly could not have spoken with someone more helpful and will keep this firm as my go to should any other legal issues arise.”

Tess M.

“We have consulted with Joe Maya and his team on two different occasions, on totally unrelated matters. Each time, we found the advice and counsel we received was thorough, concise and explained in easily understood “lay person” terms; i.e., one did not need to have a law degree to fully understand the options presented. It is clear that the Maya firm is at the peak of competence and ability in the legal world. We have absolutely no hesitance in fully recommending this law firm for any legal needs.”

Philip M.

“Joe responded to my email right away and we spoke with in minutes. He was patient and listened to my concerns! Joe gave me honest sound advice! I am beyond grateful for his valuable insight!”

Erica B.

“Ruth L. Israely, Esq. was a pleasure to speak with. She took the time to educate me as well as inform me of my options. She spoke to me as a peer and made me feel comfortable in asking my questions.
Thank you, Ruth!”

Susan M.

“Ms. Lauren Jacobson is an excelling education attorney. A friend was having issues with personnel at a law school, and Ms. Jacobson provided great advice and guidance. Was comforting to know she was there to help.”

Malia G.

“We had an immediate need for legal assistance and contacted Maya Murphy, they assisted us promptly and we were able to close the matter quickly & efficiently. We did have a change in attorney during the process unknown to us but the attorney who closed the matter was professional, empathetic and fought fair & hard on our behalf. Would recommend and use in the future.”

Karina P.

“We had a question clarifying details about a will. The attorney who responded was quick, she communicated well and answered our questions completely. We are very satisfied by our dealings with the firm.”

Andrea L.

“While the firm represented me I always felt as if I was in the best of hands. They worked very hard. They’re always reachable, and I will always refer my family or friends.”

Amy N.

“Such a great experience! Whether I’ve had personal or business questions, I am always taken care of quickly and professionally. The team is extremely knowledgeable and caring. If you have any legal needs, I would highly recommend Maya Murphy as your first stop!”

Robert K.

“The Maya Murphy law firm has brought a security to my life that I never expected to need.  I have found them to be there for me in situations that I never would have predicted.  Knowing that I can turn to them for advice, guidance and support has given me a sense of security in my life.  Their expertise range in all areas of ones life, health, estate planning, personal litigation, business… I’m grateful for everything they offer, and thankful for their kind open door environment.”

Mica D.

“I am so lucky to have found this firm. Tyler, Lauren and Joseph M. were nothing less than amazing. Will always come back to them for anything. They were so patient with me and always available to answer the many questions I had. Thank you for advocating for me.”

Jose P.

“Ruth Isrealy & Joe Maya were knowledgeable & highly responsive. I had a very satisfactory resolution to my issue in quick order. Should I need legal representation again, they are who I will call.”

Jean L.

“I spoke with Lauren A. Jacobson, she was very nice and knowledgeable. She took the time to listen and advice me. Thank you so much for your understanding and support.”

Rosanna S.

“Ruth and Tyler are both true professionals who took the time to listen to my concerns and thoroughly explained things to me. I highly recommend the Maya Law Firm.”

Terry D.

“I had very positive experience with attorney Lauren Jacobson at Maya Murphy . She took my case very professional and made me feel comfortable all the time. She’s very knowledgeable and highly responsible. The services little expensive from my perspective but with very positive results.”

Claudia A.

“Dan and his team provide coverage for my company and have proven to be reliable, responsive and above all else easy to work with. Would and do recommend them to friends and family.”

Tomas F.

“I had the pleasure of working with Lauren Jacobson at this law firm. Lauren took the time to listen first to my situation and then give solid advise on how to handle it. She is attentive and always followed up. I must say that I would highly recommend Lauren at this practice.”

Jeffrey L.

“Lauren Jacobson was so helpful and kind in helping me with my case. She is a fantastic lawyer who has amazing expertise. Because of her I got the outcome that I wanted from my case.”

Esther T.

“It’s not often you find yourself in a situation that requires legal representation, but when you do I would not hesitate to contact Lauren Jacobson at Maya Murphy, P.C. We recently had a situation arise that led us to contact Lauren and I cannot express how professional she was to deal with. From our initial conversation she was very straight forward with her thoughts and as she moved on to understanding the case along with gathering evidence she constantly put me and my family at ease. On the day of our hearing, I was fortunate enough to watch Lauren represent us with poise and professionalism. Thankfully she was able to help us receive a decision that was favorable to us but even without that being case I would not hesitate to contact her if you are in need of legal representation.”

James M.

“I called the the law firm Maya Murphy and spoke to Ruth Israely and I’m happy with her helping me concerning a matter that made me get to the right decision moving forward. She has all the answer that help even with having to retain her but better believe Maya Murphy Will be who I hire if I need them for their help in any matter. Thanks a lot for the talk and advice you gave me.”

Giovanna B.
“I reached out to Susan Maya for advice on a minor matter. She was wonderful in listening to my concern and offered some quick advice on how to proceed. She was very honest in telling me that she did not believe the services of a lawyer was warranted on the matter, but helped to direct me to some free and easy resources to assist. Even though I didn’t use her, I would absolutely go back to her for any legal needs I might have in the future.”
Andriene J.

“Dan and Ruth have been incredible. They are always responsive, considerate and professional. The divorce process has been the scariest thing I have ever faced in my life. I truly would not have been able to handle this without their guidance and representation. I am beyond grateful for their patience and understanding.”

‘”Maya and his team worked very quickly and efficiently on my case. They were very easy to work with and got me a great result. I will definitely use them again in the future if needed. Highly recommended!”
Chris G.

“Easy to communicate with, very knowledge, and great at their job.”


“Joe and Ruth were amazing! They really brought me clarity and peace of mind to mind my situation with they’re extensive legal knowledge.”

Tim G.

“The team at Maya Murphy PC are excellent. They are client driven and work diligently and effectively to meet their client’s goals. They are responsive to their clients needs and requests.”

Lily B.

“I had and have the pleasure of working with Daniel Murphy. He’s compassionate. He cares. He calls you back promptly. He makes you feel as if he it there to protect you. He’s my lawyer, always.”

Mara B.

“Outstanding help from attorney Tyler Balding, who was very knowledgeable, efficient, and easy to communicate with!”

Alexey O.

“I was really happy with the advice offered. Joseph and Ruth were very kind, professional and easy to understand. I felt I could trust their advice and was relieved to have found them.”

Elizabeth M.

“We worked with Lauren J. She was so efficient and got everything done to our satisfaction without taking up too much of our time.”

Lourdes E.