Now, more than ever, Connecticut Courts are seeing an increasing number of cases that involve both civil and criminal law. 

When an arrest is made as a result of a domestic disturbance, the offender is required to be in court the next business day for arraignment. Typically, a full no-contact protective order is put in place by the arresting officer that lasts from the time of the arrest until the offender presents at arraignment. This order not only requires that the offender not contact the protected party but also often orders the offender out of his or her own home while awaiting arraignment—or longer.

Imagine this; you have had a turbulent few years within your household. Financial stresses, infidelity, death, excessive work hours—the addition of children. All these stressors when piled on top of one another have created an exceedingly toxic environment within the four walls of your home. It has been difficult to come to terms with it, but it has become glaringly apparent that your relationship falls squarely within the parameters of domestic abuse and intimate partner violence.  You imagined getting a divorce before but up until now simply could not wrap your head around the life-altering, permanent leap of making this choice. 

Domestic Violence During COVID-19

Now, Covid-19 sweeps across the nation crippling life as we knew it, and you are suddenly thrust unexpectedly into a situation of unemployment and are now expected to homeschool or shoulder the burden and expense of full-time childcare—for multiple children. The physical, sexual, psychological, and financial abuse has quickly escalated, and you are no longer able to sweep it under the rug.  Your life just went from uncomfortable—to unbearable.  

One evening an argument between you and your spouse ensues.  It becomes excessively heated and the neighbors call the police. Before you know it, your spouse has been arrested for a domestic violence offense and ordered out of the home during the pendency of the criminal case. When your spouse shows up to court for the arraignment, the Judge extends the protective order and your spouse is unable to return home for an indeterminate amount of time.  You have no job, no local family, and a spouse that is now raging with fury. You are suddenly in dire need of help.

Amidst Covid-19, the courts are seeing an increasing number of cases just like this. It is tremendously important to have competent counsel to strategically guide you through the complex intersection of criminal and civil law from the onset. The choices made during this process can have tremendous consequences.  This is your life, your home—your family. 

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