Superior Court of Connecticut: Divorce Action

In a divorce action in association with an alimony dispute, the Superior Court of Connecticut, Judicial District of Fairfield at Bridgeport considered the distribution of assets and property in a high-income marital dissolution matter.

In this case, the plaintiff wife and defendant husband were married for thirty-two years when the wife filed for divorce. Independent of each other, the parties both had significant assets. The wife held an interest in several income-producing properties located in New York, valued at $6 million, as well as an additional $4.8 million from net furnishings, jewelry, antiques, and other assets, including nine diamonds valued at $96,000 retail. The husband was a successful stock broker and investment banker, and his investments valued at over $11 million. The husband and wife signed a stipulation agreement with respect to personal property distribution (excluding cash) located at the couple’s three residences located in Fairfield, Florida, and Vermont.

The Court’s Decision

The court approved and incorporated the stipulation agreement, and ordered that each party retain their respective assets and ownership interests in their businesses. The wife was awarded the Fairfield and Florida properties, while the husband received the one located in Vermont. Both parties were responsible for their own attorney’s fees, and neither would receive alimony from the other party.

Written by Lindsay E. Raber, Esq.

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