What Authority Does a Local School Board Have to Expel a Student for Out-of-School Conduct in Connecticut?

Mandatory vs Discretionary Expulsions

Connecticut’s school expulsion law provides for both mandatory and discretionary expulsions for out-of-school conduct.  If a student is caught carrying a weapon, or selling or distributing illegal drugs, whether the activity occurs on or off school grounds, school boards must expel the student.  For any other type of conduct, such as sexual assault, a school board has the discretion to expel a student from school.

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Discretionary Expulsions

To impose a discretionary expulsion for out-of-school conduct, the law requires a school board to show that the student’s actions not only violate a school policy but are also disruptive of the educational process.  The Supreme Court of Connecticut has construed the phrase “disruptive of the educational process” to mean conduct that has a direct connection with the school and interrupts or seriously impedes the school’s daily operations.

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