What Is My Child’s School Required to Do to Prevent or Address Bullying?

Schools are required to take a number of steps to prevent bullying in the first place and, if it occurs, to address and curtail it.  Each school board is required to have in place a plan, referred to as the “safe school climate plan,” to proactively address bullying. The plan must include, among other things, a process for students to anonymously report bullying and for parents or guardians to file a written report with the school regarding any incident of bullying they become aware of.

The safe school climate plan also requires school employees to orally report to a designated school employee called the “safe school climate specialist” any incident of bullying within one school day of becoming aware of it and to file a written report within two days.  The safe school climate specialist is required to review anonymous reports, and to promptly investigate any written reports of bullying.  The school must report the number of verified instances of bullying to the State Commissioner of Education on an annual basis.

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