In Connecticut, the enforceability of an employment contract is based on general contract principals.  This contract can be verbal, written or a combination of the two.  In addition, employment contracts in Connecticut can be either express or implied.  An employment contract is an express contract if it is written and signed by both parties.  A valid express employment contract will contain wording that describes the job duties, working conditions, compensation, benefits and other employment details.

If, alternatively, an employment contract is implied, the terms of the contract would come from the conduct of the parties, verbal promises made before employment started, information stated in an employee handbook, promises made in an offer letter, and other sources.

Today, most employers have their employees sign a document agreeing to at-will employment as opposed to a defined term in an employment contract.  This way, either the employer or the employee may end the employment relationship at any time, and usually for any reason.

In any case, Connecticut courts regularly find employment contracts enforceable against both parties.  Such agreements will be upheld by Connecticut courts as long they do not violate any laws and were not entered fraudulently, under duress, or by mistake of the parties.  If valid, both parties to the contract will be held responsible for abiding by its terms and liable for any breach.  Frequently, allegations of breach of an employment contract involve issues of compensation and termination of employment.

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