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If your child is facing discipline, suspension, or expulsion from Trinity College, and/or you have any questions regarding discipline, suspension, or expulsion procedures at Trinity College, it may be beneficial to speak to an attorney. The attorneys at Maya Murphy, P.C. have extensive experience handling Connecticut education law matters, including school discipline, suspension, expulsion, and readmission, and are well-equipped to assist you in these proceedings.

Understanding Sanctions at Trinity College

“If found responsible for a violation of Community Standards, the student will be emailed an outcome letter, which will likely include the assignment of one or more sanctions to be submitted by given completion dates.

As articulated in the Student Handbook, a student or student organization found responsible for a violation of expectations may expect to receive Community Standards sanctions from Trinity College. The purpose of a sanction is to communicate to the student the seriousness of their actions and that certain behaviors are unacceptable within the Trinity community.”

Completing Sanctions at Trinity College

“Because windows of learning can close quickly, students who receive sanctions should be
mindful of required completion dates. To remain in good standing, students are strongly
encouraged to:

  • Read the outcome letter carefully and note any sanction completion dates on a
  • Complete the sanction(s) as instructed;
  • Schedule required appointments (e.g. Drug and Alcohol Counselor, alcohol assessment,
    marijuana assessment, community development hours) in a timely manner; and,
  • Keep an open mind about sanctions. Although required, sanctions and accountability
    provide a rare opportunity for growth and learning about ourselves and others. A
    student who maintains an open mind could learn something that will improve their
    Trinity experience.

It is important to complete and/or submit sanctions by their completion dates. Failure to do so
is considered a violation of the Student Handbook and subjects the student to additional action,
which could include fines, increased disciplinary status, or loss of privileges.”

Read more about understanding and completing sanctions here:

Sanctions at Trinity College

  • Immediate Dispersal of Occupants
  • Admonition
  • Addition of Housing Selection Points
  • Notification of Parents or Guardians
  • Confiscation of Property
  • Censure
  • Pensums
  • Educational Sanctions
  • Referral for Alcohol/Drug Education, Assessment, or Counseling
  • Restitution
  • Fines
  • Room Inspections
  • Residential Reassignment
  • Restriction
  • Suspension
  • Expulsion
  • Withdrawal of Recognition
  • Prohibition against Participation

Read more about disciplinary procedures and sanctions in the student handbook here:

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If your child is facing suspension, discipline or expulsion from a private or public school in Connecticut, your child has rights. You should protect those rights by hiring an experienced education law attorney. Often, but not always, disciplinary charges may be accompanied by an arrest or criminal investigation. The sooner you hire a lawyer, the better off your child will be in terms of ensuring the protection of rights, and the ultimate outcome. Your child will achieve the best outcome with an experienced Connecticut Expulsion Attorney, who can try to reduce the expulsion to a stipulated agreement or dismissal of charges altogether. The experienced Connecticut Expulsion Law attorneys at Maya Murphy, P.C. can help you and your child navigate the difficult and emotional process of an expulsion proceeding.

When a child violates a school policy – even if off school grounds – the violation can sometimes rise to the level of an expulsion from private or public school. An expulsion can negatively impact a child’s educational and emotional success. It can also sometimes affect college admissions if not handled by an experienced Connecticut Education lawyer familiar with handling expulsions and suspensions.

At Maya Murphy, P.C. we only represent students and families, we never represent school districts against students. We are available 7 days a week to answer questions; if it is important to you, it is equally important to us. We can assist your child with any education related needs including special education, suspension, discipline, expulsion, and criminal or juvenile criminal charges. You can contact one of our experienced Education Law Attorneys in Connecticut directly by calling (203) 221-3100 in Connecticut, or (212) 682-5700 in New York. You can also email Joseph Maya, the Managing Partner directly at

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